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Mexico online hotel and resort guide offers choice, control in vacation planning - By Bob Forbes

Summary: Travelers can enjoy Mexico's sun, surf and its many architectural wonders for a fraction of the cost of a European vacation… without the worries of terrorism. Si-Mexico.com offers information on thousands of Mexican hotel and resort properties...

Luxury Resort Hotel Receives Six New Accolades in Six Months  - By Cassandra Johnson

After opening its doors five years ago, Texas-based Rough Creek Lodge Executive Retreat & Resort is still a shining star. The resort's design and luxurious lodging facilities received top honors. The resort was ranked the number one hotel in the United States for design in the Conde Nast Traveler's Gold List.

Low-Down on the Cost of Hotels in Japan - By John Erskine Banta, GM, Miyako Hotel

Summary: As for the cost of hotel accommodations, in addition to name brand, luxury class hotels such as the Imperial, the Okura, the Hilton, and so on, Japan has long had a much larger number of first-class hotels whose room rates are twenty to thirty percent lower than the elites.

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5 Hotels and spas for pregnant women

If you are expecting a baby and you want a relaxing break or an afternoon dedicated to take care of, think about these proposals.You will come great.

Chaldean, Escaldes-Engordany (Andorra)

This pioneer in termoludismo, a concept that seeks to recover balance and vitality thanks to the properties of the hot springs, has Gravitas, a relaxing massage of 45 minutes in the legs and back are worked in order to relax and well-being.
the treatment is done with salt Indian ocean with pure essential oils of sandalwood and mint and oil Just Bio by Caldea, made ​​with organic farming products such as sesame or arnica.

Grand Hotel Son Net (Puigpunyent, Mallorca)

Five star hotel, located on the hill of Puigpunyent, surrounded Mediterranean nature. Massages and treatments are  customized for pregnant women, according to their weight, time  of gestation and where the inconvenience to concentrate.

Hotel Mercure Thalasia Costa de Murcia

Has over 4,500 m2 between saltwater pools, marine circuit and facilities for marine treatments. Perfect Getaway Thalasia offers relaxation and gastronomy: two nights stay, Friday and Saturday in a double room including buffet breakfast and dinner, and access to the thermal pools throughout the stay.

Hotel Sha Wellness Clinic (L ‘Alfas del Pi, Alicante)

This hotel blends spirituality , medicine and nutrition , and offers treatmentsspecialized depending on the stay and the period of pregnancy in which the mother is. An expert nutritionist will advise you according to your features on abalanced diet , following the philosophy of Yin and Yang

New York Manhattan OB/GYN

New York Manhattan OB/GYN has three convenient locations. We’re the trusted, caring gynecologist and obstetricians of choice for women of all ages. We are committed to providing excellent gynecological care and women’s healthcare, while using state of the art equipment, within a comprehensive and patient-friendly environment.

Hotels famous by the movie

If you’re a fan of the film and are curious to know some of the most famous hotels thanks to cinema, here we show a few. Although many of those we see on the big screen are recreations that are in major film studios, many others are real and one is charged on them if you want and can, of course. Some are well known to his leading role as the Bellagio Hotel-Casino and its sources in the Ocean’s saga, or the Caesar Palace by Raiman and Hangover, in the American state that the name of this latest film: Las Vegas. Another well-known is the Beverly Wilshire in Los Angeles, the scene of love between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

But there are other hotels that may not have such a leading role as these earlier but for some are the scene of great films. Here are some of them: –  The Savoy , London. Hotel makes appearance in the film Notting Hill, another romantic comedy Julia Roberts, this time with Hugh Grant and The French Lieutenant’s Woman with a star cast, Meryl Streep, awarded with several awards including the Golden Globe and Jeremy Irons.

Westin Grand Berlin , Berlin, was the scene of the film: The Bourne Supremacy. See the movie here.

Hotel Regina Paris , it was in: The Bourne Identity. Both lived Matt Damon struggle to discover their identity in this engrossing film that makes you vibrate on the couch.

Fairmont Royal York , Toronto, you have seen in titles like: Cinderella Man, with the incredible performance of Russell Crowe inspired by the life of boxer James J. Braddock, who has 12 international awards and 25 nominations, including 3 Oscar . Serendipity, romantic or comedy Murder in the White House.

Hotel Paris , Monaco. He has lived firsthand the skills of another superhero, Iron Man 2. Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson and Mickey Rourke, among others.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel , Los Angeles, is already a veteran of film featuring titles like Mission Impossible, The Bodyguard, Rocky 3 Ghostbusters or Independence Day. This hotel features a replica of the Golden Staircase Diego Siloam whose original is in the Cathedral of Burgos.

Fontainebleau , Miami, also saw the romance between Kevin Costner and Whitney Huston in the bodyguard of Al Pacino as a criminal and murderer hired in Scarface or James Bond, played by Sean Connery in Goldfinger.

Hotel Giraffe , New York, is transformed into the apartment of Mr. Big in the film Sex and the City, which arises because of the popularity of the series Sarah Jessica Parker, with the same name.

Park Hyatt, Tokyo, was much discussed at the time when Sofia Coppola decided to shoot there Lost in Translation.Highly acclaimed, with many awards, including an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.
Anecdotally say that Sofia thought of Kirsten Dunst for the role, but was filming Spiderman and could not be …

Hotel Marriott Budapest . Steven Spielberg makes this hotel Hungarian Munich London to film, film that won five Academy Award nominations.

The Lanesborough, St Regis Hotel , London, was the place chosen by Stanley Kubrick in his latest posthumous work, as everyone knows, did not finish riding since he died a few days before the final assembly, Eyes Wide Shut and which starred Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who was then married in real life.

Hotel 71 , Chicago. Batman scenario. The attic becomes the superhero’s apartment while filming the latest installment: The Dark Knight Rises to be released in our country on the 20th of this month.

The Standard , Hollywood. Place that witnessed the graduate. He gave film director Mike Nichols in Oscar and received the Bafta and Golden Globe for best picture along with other 6 nominations. The main actro, Dustin Hoffman.

InterContinental Paris Le Grand , Paris. Hosted the Roman Polanski film, Frantic with Harrison Ford starring.

–  Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce , Bruges. Maravillos Hotel you will see in the film In Bruges.


Although we have more, we’ll leave for another post in which we will include places where people have made ​​films and series as the home of Sex and the City or a restaurant that has been the scene of mythical and unforgettable scenes … But the culmination, and close this article, we have left the Taj Lake Palace Hotel , Udaipur, India, which is listed as one of the most romáticos hotels in the world and showing her charms in Octopussy, in this case the Bond Roger Moore starred as agent. Probably you will not find anything like it. Built on natural rock is located on an island in the middle of Lake Pichola. Simply majestic and dazzling.


Copenhagen Towers is a four-star international hotel opened in 2009 and has been named the greenest hotel in the world by the United Nations. The building is estimated to save 1,373 tons of CO2 annually. Meets the Green Building standard, as the EU requires. It is also the first hotel in Denmark have joined the UN’s Global Compact and was awarded “gyldne som det” (spot gold) for the most innovative building respectful with the environment.


At first glance there is nothing green about recently built in central Copenhagen hotel. However, the blank facades have integrated panels and TripleLynx inverters that make Crowne Plaza hotel the first energy efficient in Denmark and one of the first of its kind in the world. High quality in the social and environmental aspects are the key elements in creating the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It combines the largest integrated solar photovoltaic facade (PV) technology installed in Denmark and frontline energy-efficient, reducing energy consumption by 53% compared to conventional hotels.


A large energy saving heating in winter and cooling in summer

The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers was built in 2009. It is located in the city center, where more than 300 rooms await your arrival and spread over 26 floors. Crowne Plaza hotel is built in accordance with the Danish Low Energy Class 2 standard, which means that the energy consumption must not exceed 42.6 kWh per m2 per year. This amounts to a saving of 53% compared with conventional buildings in Denmark.

“In terms of energy production and consumption of the cooling and heating system it is very unique to the hotel. The water used for heating in winter is recycled for cooling during the summer … “says the representative of Copenhagen Hotel Management A / S, Stefan Amraly.


The idea of ​​the hotel was not only generate much of the energy used, but also save as much energy as possible.Apart from this ingenious concept, the hotel is known as the first in Denmark to receive all of its energy from renewable and sustainable sources. Solar panels and a system based on groundwater for heating and cooling system allows the Crowne Plaza conserve precious resources. A key energy saving initiatives is the installation of a groundwater based system. It is based on the idea of ​​recycling energy and provides heating and cooling to 366 rooms, the section of the conference room, kitchen, restaurant and office building assistant. This system is the first of its kind in Denmark, and saves up to 90% of the energy used for climate regulation inside the hotel.


Multiple overlapping energy saving initiatives

A large number of energy saving measures and environmental and socially friendly measures are applied in the interior, in addition to construction. For example, intelligent control of lighting and light sources of low consumption, LED flat screens in every hotel room and computer control of all electronic equipment. This ensures that consumption is kept as low as possible, especially when the rooms are vacant. Moreover, all the infrastructure components were chosen hotel for reasons of energy efficiency and the degree of reuse.Moreover, a series of bombs in the building of the water circulating inside the hotel heating and cooling system.Speed ​​controlled by frequency converters and contributes to greater energy savings in the pumping system varies.

Allan L. Agerholm, manager of Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, said: “We only use energy-efficient sources of light, the latest green technologies in kitchen equipment, hi-fi, and even the hair dryer in the bathroom is energy efficient” .

The hotel is more than what you expect from a regular hotel. Not because of the quality in general, but due to high environmental and social consciousness that implies for the whole hotel from the staff, on the interior design requirements of organic decomposition in the toilets, energy production in the gym, etc. . The rooms overlook the skyline of Copenhagen and the Øresund Region. And guests can spend the mini-bar and mounted on a stationary bike, generating electricity, and earn points for a free meal at the restaurant.


“The bikes invite guests to exercise in new ways that benefit their personal health and welfare and the environment in general. Guests literally provide the energy at the hotel. On the one hand, the bicycle could be a sustainable symbolic act. However, on the other hand, it also appears as the socio-eco-conciencial current also apply in the services sector situation, “he says on this subject the general manager of Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, Allan L. Agerholm.

The idea of ​​free food began as an alternative method to improve the health of guests and reduce their carbon footprint that benefits the local and global environment in general. Bicycles are connected to several generators that require customers to pedal for about 15 minutes to produce 10 watt-hours of electricity. iPhones connected to bicycles show the amount of power generated. Someone in relatively good shape can produce up to 100 watts per hour in 60 minutes. Therefore, if you’re into healthy living, sustainability and planning a trip to Copenhagen -that might want to socio-ecological-stay hotel is definitely the place to stay. The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen covers a green innovative concept that benefits the hotel, employees and guests.

The erotic spirit of the trilogy ’50 Shades of Grey ‘invade luxury hotels

Romantic Valentine date is approaching and several hotel chains and offer bathrooms champagne, helicopter tours and a kit for practice bondage describing the book best seller. How much to experience the famous erotic novel

Missing a few days to celebrate ‘ Valentine ‘, which is commemorated on 14 February-and for that reason, other chains hotels decided to honor the lovers with special packages inspired by the erotic bestseller 50 Shades of Grey(watch live action version of this novel with the best quality on putlocker movies  .

In parallel with the release of the film, there are a number of hotels looking to have all the attention.Experiences like that of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele can be recreated on the actual locations where the film by British author EL James was shot. For that, packages ‘Fifty shades freed pdf‘ were created to test the libido.

Some of the proposals include: sex toys, champagne baths $ 3,000 and helicopter tours. You can also rent a car for a day Christian Grey, apply for tickets to the Museum of Sex Kamasutra and books. Not bad for the fans of the book that sold 100 million copies worldwide.

Here are some of the best places to see and visit.

Edgewater Hotel, Seattle, Washington

To take advantage of Valentine’s packages “No Grey Area” quite high prices are offered. $ 14,000costs for lovers package includes one day of use of an Audi R8 Spyder – Christiana vehicle Grey – A helicopter tour Seattle, a book Kamasutra in the bedroom, a bottle of champagne favorite Anastasia, Bollinger Rose, and aphrodisiac snacks.

The proposal seeks lovers get in the skin of the characters, exploring the city. The offer will run until 28 February.


Eventi, and Hell’s Kitchen Ink48 Kimpton Hotels, New York

If you are in the Big Apple, it is a proposal not to miss. For $ 659 you can live the experience ’50 Shades of Grey ‘which begins with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut on arrival with a valid ticket for $ 200 to buy erotic lingerie. two tickets to the Museum of Sex and ‘kit’ that includes toys will also be awarded.

The room service also offers aphrodisiac foods such as oysters, bananas, avocados and chocolate covered strawberries. Finally, the couple can relax with a massage of 50 minutes. The offer is valid from February 5 to March 1.


Nira Caledonia, Edinburgh, Scotland

Not just the United States that took advantage of the book EL James. This hotel, assigned a butler who will be available to fill the bathtub with champagne, if desired, for an amount of $ 3,000.

fluffy handcuffs, feathers, sensual bath oil and a paddle to spank: $ 1,951 for a glass of champagne, two-night stay, full Scottish breakfast, a massage and a small box of toys that includes you will receive.

Situated in Gloucester Place, among the cobbled streets of the New Town, the property exudes romance. There is a restaurant with soft lighting and the interior is decorated in black and gold with bold accents of red and green. Nira Caledonia has 28 rooms, luxurious suites with private gardens and terraces.


Personality Hotels, San Francisco

They offer a package ’50 shades of woman ‘for $ 150. There, they delivered to the room a discreet black box full of luxury sex toys. “It contains everything needed to live favorite scenes and wildest fantasies”, say from the hotel.

An assortment with a whip or punish elements to stroke and even candy.


Heathman Hotel, Portland, Oregon

Fans know that Portland Heathman Hotel was where Christian and Ana had their first date and a burst of wild meetings.

Not to be outdone then propose a series of packages that promise all levels of luxury entertainment and restaurants.

Package ‘inner goddess’ includes a bottle of Pouilly Fume, which share the main characters of the first novel and a gray tie memory.

For $ 2750 is the “Charlie Tango No Limits”. You can enjoy snacks and wine in the hotel for six, a helicopter tour around the city, roses for the ladies, dinner at the hotel and limousine transfers to the heliport. For deep pockets, you can opt for the offer of $ 7,500 for a package for two. This great show six nights of love ‘hot’ covers private romantic dinners in luxury destinations, $ 500 for shopping in Portland, a fire on the beach, a snow tractor ride and a luxury car for transportation.The resident bartender Brian Hilby, has devised a cocktail ‘Fifty Shades of Gin’ for the guests.


Escala, Seattle

Although you can not book a room here for the night, it is worth taking a look at the departments of Mr. Grey and his ‘Red Room’.

In the real world the penthouse suite sold for 6 million dólates in 2012. It has become a mecca for fans of the novel. Women send bags of letters to Christian Grey. Some are jokes, some are not.


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