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Mexico online hotel and resort guide offers choice, control in vacation planning - By Bob Forbes

Summary: Travelers can enjoy Mexico's sun, surf and its many architectural wonders for a fraction of the cost of a European vacation… without the worries of terrorism. Si-Mexico.com offers information on thousands of Mexican hotel and resort properties...

Luxury Resort Hotel Receives Six New Accolades in Six Months  - By Cassandra Johnson

After opening its doors five years ago, Texas-based Rough Creek Lodge Executive Retreat & Resort is still a shining star. The resort's design and luxurious lodging facilities received top honors. The resort was ranked the number one hotel in the United States for design in the Conde Nast Traveler's Gold List.

Low-Down on the Cost of Hotels in Japan - By John Erskine Banta, GM, Miyako Hotel

Summary: As for the cost of hotel accommodations, in addition to name brand, luxury class hotels such as the Imperial, the Okura, the Hilton, and so on, Japan has long had a much larger number of first-class hotels whose room rates are twenty to thirty percent lower than the elites.

Other Interesting Articles

5 Effective Marketing and SEO Strategies for Hotels

Marketing for hotels is not something today. Hotels have always put into practice different techniques to get themselves known and increase their turnover. However, as time passes and new technologies are imposed, hotels must adapt the marketing strategies they adopt so as not to lose business opportunities. Let’s detail some of them:


1. Take advantage of the possibilities of Mobile marketing

In this age of Internet and smartphone phones, few things are more important than having a website and a booking engine adapted to the mobile. Users are increasingly making inquiries and reservations using mobile devices and tablets and hotels can not afford to lose these potential customers. In fact, according to a recent Google study, 39% of users use mobile devices to plan their trip.

On the other hand, the accommodations can also advertise their services through ads specially designed to be seen on the mobile.

2. Optimize web page for local search (local SEO services)

Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is essential to make the website of our hotel easily accessible on the Internet. But in addition, it is very important to optimize the web so that it appears in the results of local searches and thus obtain nearby potential customers. Precisely because there are more and more smartphone phones, the search for local hotels is increasing.

That is why it is essential to optimize the profile of the establishment in the local directories and major search engines. In addition, to launch a consistent message and increase the credibility of our accommodation, we should always try to use the same information.


3. Encourage customers to leave comments

It is more than proven that the positive comments that customers write about the hotel have a great effect on the business: they increase click rates and improve the conversion. That is why hotels should dedicate a section of the website to show them and encourage customers to, once they have left the establishment, post a comment on the websites of opinions, such as TripAdvisor. In addition, customer comments on pages like Google Plus Local also help validate it as a trusted business.


4. Have a good presence in social networks

Although hard to believe, there are still hotels that are reluctant to be present on social networks, or do so in a very residual way. If your hotel is one of them, you should get into the car as soon as possible to avoid losing business opportunities. The time that users spend on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks like Google+ or LinkedIn does not stop growing. The image that we project in them can help us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and to customer loyalty.

5. Fidelize customers through email marketing campaigns

Loyalty to customers who have already stayed in our establishment should be one of the main objectives of our email marketing campaigns. We can inform about the new services and facilities of the hotel and offer discounts or promotions if they book through the website. These are two of the main actions we can take to keep our customers interested and motivate them to repeat their stay in our accommodation.

Okidokeys, the ideal lock in the hotel business!

For a long time, smart phones are no longer just a phone call. Geolocation, photography, shopping, radar, they do everything and sometimes even open the doors locked! The interactions developed with connected objects do not cease to amaze the consumer, as the lock Okidokeys still proves.

A real revolution for the hotel industry

Marketed by the French company Openways , the Okidokeys lock works with a Smartphone and should soon replace all the old locks, especially in hotels. The United States was the first to test, already 15,000 hotel rooms are equipped with this system which allows professionals to give their customers a virtual key directly on their mobiles. Completed the problems of lost keys or schedules, now everyone can enter and exit as he wishes.


This system also seduces individuals, since it costs only 249 €. To use it, simply attach a mini-robot to the door and install the application on the phone, and then let the “military-level cryptology system” as explained by Pascal Métivier, the founder and CEO of Okidokeys.

The virtual key is gaining ground

It is thanks to the robot, fixed on the barrel of the lock, that the door can open and close either by passing through the application or by simply presenting the mobile opposite the door . The virtual keys can be distributed to several people and from the site it is possible to send them for a defined duration to other participants, such as a cleaning lady or a tenant if using the sharing sites of apartments for example.

In case of laptop unloaded or lost, no problem, just use an NFC or RFID card that is supplied with the purchase of the system. The company also offers connected bracelets, perfect for children who are too young to own a phone. Finally, it is always possible to open with a key , in case!

No comment on Okidokeys, the ideal emergency locksmith in the hospitality industry!

6 Tips To Finding The Ideal Gynecologist in Hotel and Directories

One of the most important decisions for women with regard to their health is the choice of the specialist responsible for controlling everything that surrounds the female reproductive system. Consultations and visits to the gynecologist can be a trauma for many of us, therefore, we must not forget that, after all, these midatlanticobgyn.com doctors are responsible for recognizing the intimate area of ​​the woman and verify that everything is correct.

This “marriage,” though it may last a lifetime, is subject, in many cases, to initial prejudices and issues of shame and shame. The most significant is the dilemma that is created when choosing who to turn to, whether a male gynecologist or one of our own sex .

Many women opt for the specialist of their mothers, The one who saw them born or to whom his whole family comes. But for others, the decision is not so simple, because they do not have a referent, or they have more complex when it is time to be explored by a man and trust him to entrust him with intimate concerns about sexuality.

Whatever the conflict, it is important to note that a woman should visit her gynecologist periodically at least once a year after she begins to be sexually active. However, it is advisable that its first time coincides with the beginning of the teenage years, in order to resolve doubts about sexuality, development, contraceptive methods, among other topics.

Six Tips for Choosing a Gynecologist Less Traumatic:

1. Look for referrals. Ask for advice from close friends or family, That they inform you on the specialists to whom they come.
2. Choose the one that best suited your personality . If you are an overly modest and timid person, choose a gynecologist woman, although this does not assure you that they will give you a better care than a specialist man. In fact, the opposite may be the case: that they do not sympathize with certain concerns or doubts that worry the patients since they, as equals, do not consider them important.
3. Look for biographical information about the gynecologists for whom you have chosen, or those you have heard speak and get your attention.

4. Choose a gynecologist based on your needs. It must be taken into account that there are specialists better positioned in reproductive health than in preventive, and vice versa. Therefore, it is essential to choose a gynecologist trained to respond with professionalism to the possible events that occur in your life: pregnancies, interventions in the reproductive system ….

5. Make a decision and ask for an appointment . It is time to test the gynecologist and his environment: the type of office in which he works, if the staff that accompanies him receives you in a polite way and gives you good care, if you feel comfortable at the time of initiation. First contact with the specialist, if it solves your doubts, if it makes you feel calm and in confidence …

6. Once the experience is finished , Pause a moment and take your time to evaluate how you thought. Then decide if that’s the right gynecologist for you. If the answer is no, keep looking. Do not settle.

Hotel Deputy managed resources for schools of Armory

In a courtesy visit, the mayor Ernesto Márquez Guerrero received in his office of the Municipal Presidency, the federal deputy María Luisa Beltrán Reyes. There, the secretary of the Education Commission in the Congress of the Union, informed the mayor of the management that as a legislator made so that different educational establishments of the municipality receive in educational infrastructure, more than 3.5 million pesos.

Beltrán Reyes stressed that the educational facilities will be benefited will be the kindergartens of the municipal head, Maria Montesori, with an investment of 1 million 400 thousand pesos; José Levy Rheims, with one million 150 thousand pesos; Isaura Pamplona, ​​with one million 150 thousand pesos; Sister Juana Ines of the Cross of Cuyutlán, with one million 400 thousand pesos, and Regina Madrid Munguía, with one million 250 thousand pesos.

The primary beneficiaries will be Jose Vasconcelos, with an investment in educational infrastructure of one million 40000 pesos, Benito Juárez, Ignacio Zaragoza, Juan José Ríos, Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, all of the Community of Cofradía de Juárez; The Francisco González Bocanegra, one million 250 thousand pesos; Francisco Mujica, 950 thousand pesos, and Druso Alfonso Escalante, one million 400 thousand pesos.

The federal legislature, after the meeting with the first Armería authority, said that the purpose of the visit to the mayor is to request the support for the city council to follow up on the economic resource to actually go down to works already destined for infrastructure Educational

“I was with the mayor to make known specifically that schools were benefited and that he support me to follow up, so that this resource, that this resource is actually used for what is intended and directly benefit the student community of the Different educational establishments “.

For its part, the municipal president, Ernesto Márquez Guerrero, thanked the management that does the federal deputy that benefits the most popular list 13 schools and kindergartens of the municipality and said willing to collaborate in what is necessary for the resource to be applied in a manner Ordered, “since it is a resource that is already destined and labeled for infrastructure works and in advance to say that it is a very important benefit.”

Cooking as a great chef in Hotel Business is easier and faster with the new Panasonic food processor

Under the motto ‘Experience Fresh’, the company has created a range of appliances that combine the latest technology with a design that aims to improve the health and well-being of users.


Barcelona, ​​November 21, 2016 – Panasonic’s cutting edge technology put at the service of healthy gourmet cuisine. This is the recipe for the MK-F800 food processor, which Panasonic presents with the chef Paco Pérez.

The Japanese multinational launches a new ally for lovers of cooking, which allows to prepare all kinds of recipes, from the simplest to authentic delicatessen . This small appliance has been designed to save time without a trace of quality. The MK-F800 is the best complement for today’s frenetic life not to prevent a varied and healthy diet.

The Panasonic food processor features an elegant touch control panel to select up to five programmed auto-menus. Easy to use, with just one click you can cut vegetables, chop meat or squeeze salad, maximum versatility with minimum effort. As an alternative, it also includes two manual options in case you want to give a personal touch to the recipes by adjusting the speed levels. One is continuous and the other is intermittent. Also includes two manual options in case you want to give a personal touch to the recipes by adjusting the speed levels.One is continuous and the other is intermittent. Also includes two manual options in case you want to give a personal touch to the recipes by adjusting the speed levels. One is continuous and the other is intermittent.

Accessories that extend performance


The ingredients that complete the recipe of functions of the food processor Panasonic MK-F800 are its 13 accessories, that allow to realize up to 33 different functions. These include various blades for laminating and cutting which have been created following the traditional Japanese treatment of steel, known worldwide for its sublime quality, as well as a glass and even a salad wringer.

Elegance and functionality
Panasonic has simmered its design to combine elegance and functionality. Its cast aluminum body and glass control panel add a distinctive touch to any kitchen.

The container, with a capacity of 2.5 liters, and the lid of the container of Eastman Tritan copolyester are free of Bisphenol, a chemical present in some types of plastics that causes adverse effects on health.

The food processor features a suction cup in the base, designed exclusively by the Japanese company, which easily attaches it to the work surface to make handling safer. With a lever on the side, the suction cup is released quickly when it is to be stored. In addition, it is easy to clean once used.

The MK-F800 food processor, as well as the MK-F500 in white, are part of the range of small kitchen appliances that Panasonic has created under the motto ‘Experience Fresh’. These devices combine intelligent brand technology, high accuracy and high quality with a design designed to improve the health and well-being of users.  More information click here.

7 surprises for your partner who will never forget in Hotels

Every day is good to surprise your partner, so take note of these 7 unforgettable proposals that will leave you with your mouth open.

Someone said that it’s the little details that make the difference, and there was no reason. Relationships are worth more in the small gestures that are shown daily that the great acts that only occur once in the life. The simple fact that someone else gives us a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates makes us feel special and make our day.

Therefore, just as we like people to have details with us, we must also have them with them. So do yourself mood and if you do not know where to start, read these seven surprises for your partner that you appreciate life.

1. Details hidden:  Prepare small details such as a note with a special message or a box of chocolates, and hide them around the house. In the pantry, in the drawer of the table, inside the closet … Any corner may be susceptible to receive one of these small details, because it will not wait and the surprise will be capital.

2. Outdoor cinema: Get a projector and movie screen (you can find them on Amazon at fairly affordable prices) and prepare it in your garden or in an open area with some charm. Make popcorn or, if you do not, buy candy. Find out what your favorite movie is and surprise him with a movie night out in the open air. To make it even more special, do not tell it and let it take a surprise. Surely you can not hide his face of amazement.

3. Photo album and booth: With all the digital advances there today has lost the essence of the paper, however, we all like to browse occasionally these photo albums from when we were small. That is why it is a good idea to create a photo album that reflects your entire relationship. photobooth sydney of the first dates, the first trip together, anniversaries … All significant moments in your life will be captured in this photographic book that your partner will keep for life with a very good memory.

4. Kitchen for himEating is a pleasure and when the dish has been specially cooked for us . Preparing a romantic evening for your partner in which the menu has been of your own harvest will earn you many points. If you do not like the kitchen very well, you do not have to complicate your life. Make a few cold starters and look for a recipe on the internet that is colorful but does not have much difficulty.

Important! Do not forget the wine or the dessert, are the elements that will bring that distinctive touch to the event. Finally, try to take care of the presentation. Choose a good tableware, place aromatic candles on the table, prepare a flower center … All adds up when what is intended is to impress the other.

5. custom music CD : Music has the unique power to make us feel and causes us many emotions. We all have a special song that transports us to a specific moment in our lives. Collect those significant themes for the two and record them on a CD. Create a nice cover, such as a collage of your photos, and leave the disk on the desk. When you hear it you will relive unique and special moments that will enliven the day.

6. themed cake: Think hobby quintessential your partner and make it sweet . Nowadays, the bakery specialists can make fried foods: cupcakes, pies, cookies … All of them personalized with a specific theme. For example, if your partner is a football fan, look for a bakery specializing in these types of orders and ask them to prepare one with your team’s coat of arms. It will keep your mouth open!

7. viajera Moneybox: Save for several months every two euro coins arrive your hands and put them in a piggy bank. When you think you’ve already saved enough open it and count the money you could put together. Does it arrive for you to make a small break? Perfect, you’ve already gotten the most important part of the plan! Now looking for a charming place to stay close to home and you organizes a weekend getaway. 

A good option is Calpe, where there are a thousand and one activities to do as a couple. If you get the budget, look for a deal on a hotel on the coast , such as AR Hotels & Resorts, and be prepared to spend a weekend in which only escape the routine and experience the AR experience first hand .  Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier.

Gifts, menus and beauty at Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona

Purchases Counted

If we’re already writing the letter to Santa Claus and we lack ideas for this Christmas, we have a new proposal in Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona as its service personnel shopper  for a day of Christmas shopping and end reponiéndonos with treatment ” Wrapping of gold “.

But what exactly is the plan?

Go shopping on Paseo de Gracia, one of the best tourist and commercial areas of Barcelona, ​​with a shopping advisor who will assist and accompany us on the route, advising us according to our style and needs.

After a meeting in the hotel for a first exchange of impressions and to set the priorities of the day, we will leave ready and decided as Santa Claus.

Health & Beauty

On the way back to the hotel, a “gold wrap” treatment awaits at the Majestic Spa wellness center, located on the tenth floor of the hotel.

The “gold wrapping” is an innovative revitalizing therapy that wraps the skin in a subtle golden veil (made from a golden algae) by applying exclusive body products of different textures and fragrances that are applied throughout the body. In addition to increasing blood circulation, the pilaten mask gold wrapping prevents aging of the skin, protects the cellular DNA, stimulates the metabolism giving great luminosity and energy to the skin.

Twenty minutes later the wrap is removed with a relaxing shower and anointing is applied with a gold-based cream that leaves the skin gently moisturized and with subtle golden reflections.

Christmas Menus at Majestic

And to avoid having to worry about these Christmas meals and dinners with family and friends, this hotel suggests a party and a very special menu for each of the days of these upcoming parties, from the Noche Buena dinner to the food of Reyes, Without forgetting the magical night of New Year’s Eve.

The 10 best hotels in the world

The prestigious magazine Travel & Leisure held every year the list of top hotels and resorts in the world which includes urban housing, beach, mountain … linking its quality benefits the wonderful places or found in natural environments . A Decalogue who heads a resort in India next to a nature reserve of tigers, American ranches high Monana, an African resort in the Masai Mara with the best warehouse floor tape, a plantation in the Caribbean, palazzo on the Amalfi Coast of Italy or pavilion hunting in the French Loire.

1. The Oberoi Vanyavilas *****.

Ranthambhore Road. Sawai Madhopur. Ranthambhore – 322001. Rajasthan, India.Tel. +91 7462 22 3999./www.oberoihotels.com/oberoi_vanyavilas

The Oberoi Vanyavilas_2The Oberoi Vanyavilas_3Spectacular luxury hotel located in the Indian region of Rajasthan, in the jungle, next to the Natural Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, belonging to the prestigious Oberoi. A perfect base for exploring the territories of the Tigers, whose most frequent avistamienos take place during the months of May and June. very warm days and pleasant nights. A resort with an idyllic setting by the water in which they find 25 shops-luxurious rooms with fine canopy embroideries, luxurious bathrooms, private area outdoor seating and an outdoor deck and sunbathing area contrasting with vegetation Jungle. A luxury shops that feature LCD TV, DVD, satellite TV, wireless Internet broadband access, safe … the resort also features a Spa located on the lake, pools of blue tiles and a patio with springs . In the Spa you will find steam rooms, showers and private therapy suites where guests can choose from a large “menu” of massages, facials, aromatherapy, manicure and pedicure … perfect for relaxing after a day’s march for looking tiger reserve or visit the craft shops in the neighboring town. From 631 euros / night.

***** 2. Triple Creek Ranch.

Triple Creek Ranch_1Triple Creek Ranch_25551 West Fork Road Darby – Montana 59829. United States. Tel. + 4600. 1,406,821 /www.triplecreekranch.com /.
Hotel and member of Relais & Chateau chain since 1996 located in the beautiful mountains of Montana restaurant.This idyllic retreat is a small resort with 30 rooms wooden ranch environment with all imaginable ipo amenities including a heated swimming pool watching the snow.Located amid tall pines along Trapper Peak, the highest mountain in western Montana, this wonderful natural retreat offers a perfect combination of natural beauty with maximum comfort and personalized service. It has a beautiful and cozy cottage a world – class restaurant and an excellent wine cellar, guest cabins luxury … and it can be practiced activities such as golf, tennis, outdoor pool, fitness, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, rafting, skiing, putting green, nature walks … in summer, place your foot on the running board, cover with a cowboy hat and set off to the discovery of the harsh mountain landscape, crisscrossed by numerous torrents, conifers and wild flowers. In winter, cálcese skis and descend the slopes of the Rockies or treat yourself to a romantic couples massage … An exceptional address that immerses you in a wild and film America, and book various emotions to those who dare to descend into river rafting Salmon, the famous “River of no return”. From 525 euros, all inclusive.

***** 3. Fairmont Mara Safari Club Masai Mara.

Fairmont Mara Safari_1Fairmont Mara Safari_2Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Tel +254 (0) 20 2265555. / www.fairmont.com/marasafariclub /.Rodeado on three sides by the Mara River and on the edge of the seventh new wonder of the world, the Masai Mara , Fairmont Mara Safari Club is synonymous with the ultimate luxury in tents that do not seem such, with wonderful views of a meander in which you can spot hippos, crocodiles … Each of the 50 tents is well equipped with its own private three -piece bedroom poster, pillow-top beds, bathroom, terrace with views, including a number of outdoor showers in select stores. Larger accommodations also feature expanded decks which allow a private dinner. The main house, in the center, hosts an indoor restaurant, bar and library with Internet access to keep the relatives up to date with safari adventures. Heated pool, bar and private shops for massages. It
also has outdoor dining that is reinforced by the creation of a boma, a structure of influence of traditional farms, where guests can enjoy a cultural dinner reflecting not only the African cuisine, but also the musical accompaniment.
guests can choose from a wide range of activities including games and balloon safaris over the Mara plains, also covered with a champagne breakfast on the savannah or a walk in the footsteps of hippo path escorted by a Masai Moran. The location provides a perfect base for visiting the Masai Mara, one of the richest reserves of muquendo wildlife, and home to an amazing variety of animals such as zebras, cheetahs, gazelles, wildebeest and of course the “Big Five”. From 525 euros, all inclusive.

***** 4. San Ysidro Ranch.

San Isidro Ranch_1San Isidro Ranch_2900 San Ysidro LN. Santa Barbara, California 93108. Tel. + 1 805.565.1700. Www.sanysidroranch.com ./ Nestled in the foothills of Montecito in the wine region of southern California , San Ysidro Ranch provides a peaceful destination for discerning travelers since more than a century. Customers are attracted to the shelter of Santa Barbara, for its blend of natural beauty, romantic heritage and classic luxury. Myth and history are mixed in the lush gardens where Vivien Leigh and Laurence Oliviercontracted marimonio, and John and Jackie Kennedydisfruaron of their honeymoon. Along the slopes of San Ysidro stream and tree – lined sidewalks are 8 bungalows, 20 villas and 13 suites that accommodate a total of 90 guests. All offer luxurious king-size beds with fine linens, masonry fireplaces and patios. Montecito luxurious suites resort and cabins have hot tubs on patios
private outdoor rain shower outdoor, radiant heating, bathroom, flat-screen TVs and selected antique furniture. On-site facilities include a boutique, laundry and dry cleaning, heated pool, fitness center, 17 kilometers of trails in the Santa Ynez Mountains and hiking tours, day trips to local beaches, wineries and attractions around santa Barbara, golf, spa, yoga, Pets privileged program … from 525 euros / night.

5. Amarvilasm Agra Oberoi *****.

The Oberoi Amarvilasm Agra_1The Oberoi Amarvilasm Agra_2Taj East Gate Road, Agra India 28. 2001. Tel. + 91 562 2231515. / www.oberoihotels.com/oberoi_amarvilas /.Magnificent five – star hotel in the historical district of the Indian city of Agra , close to attractions like the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort , and Itmad-ud-Daulah . The hotel is 600 meters from the Taj Mahal and all rooms, suites, lobby, bar and lounge offer breathtaking views of the monument. Its construction is inspired by the Arab and Mughal architecture with a beautiful complex of splendid terraced gardens, pools and pavilions with rich decor reminiscent of the era of princes and emperors. The 102 rooms have air conditioning, minibars and CD players. Also here all include separate sitting areas and desks, bathrooms feature separate bathtubs and showers with hot tub … also offer phones, makeup or shaving mirror and toiletries design,
wireless internet access and pay TV LCD cable TV. The dining options include 2 restaurants which perfectly complemented by a selection of Indian and international cuisine. From 321 euros / night

***** 6. Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Nevis (Caribbean).

Nisbet Plantation_1Nisbet Plantation_2Nisbet Plantation St. James Parish. Nevis, West Indies.Tel.869-469-9325. Www.nisbetplantation.com ./ Situated on a sugar plantation in the paradisiacal Caribbean island of Neves , which preserves intact its natural attractions, the resort has 36 cottage – style rooms and a large house of the eighteenth century, belonging to the only plantation, surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches. Nevis is separated by a channel three kilometers from St. Kitts, another beautiful island in the British West Indies. Nevis is the smallest and least developed island and its highest mountain is the Nevis Peak, an extinct volcano that is above the clouds. Landed on these beaches the famous British admiral Horatio Nelson . A paradise where no casinos, no traffic lights and where buildings can not exceed the height of a palm tree. Only the virginal and exuberant nature with tropical birds, humming birds and green monkeys. Nisbet Plantation combines the charm of yesteryear with the amenities of today for an unforgettable experience. Private, romantic and personal. The resort has an excellent gourmet restaurant and a spa where you can choose from a full range of massages, body treatments, facials, manicures and pedicures with firms such as Epicuren, Natura and collective.Remarkable treatments Salt Glow : salt scrub ideal to prepare your skin for winter sea; and wrap Epicuren body Noni : Native Hawaiian, consisting of a nourishing wrap dealing with sun-damaged skin grown fruit Nevis. After treatment, relax and take tea or champagne in a private courtyard palm or stroll along the beach while contemplating a puesa sun.
Among the activities offers diving safaris for its crystalline waters, yoga, hiking, canoeing, cycling , boxing and group circuits.
from 297 euros / night.

***** 7. The Peninsula Bangkok.

I Peninsula BangkokThe Peninsula Bangkok_2Charoennakorn Rad, 333. Klongsan. Bangkok. Thailand.Tel. (66-2 861 2888)www.peninsula.com/Bangkok/en/default.aspx .
Located in Bangkok, the capital city thailandesa , along the banks of the river, the Peninsula is a five – star luxury with stunning views of the city from the V shaped windows of its 370 rooms and 65 suites. Nearby attractions include River City Shopping Complex, Siam Square and Sri Mariamman Temple. The rooms have air conditioning, CD player, minibar, desk, safe and direct dial telephone with voice mail. Also it offers access to wireless high – speed Internet access. Bathrooms offer separate bathtubs and showers with handheld showerheads, televisions , and scales. It has a full – service spa, health club and outdoor pool. Business travelers enjoy business center open 24 hours, meeting rooms for small groups and businessservices car. The dining options are 4 restaurants and a bar poolside and dinner. Additional amenities include a steam room, sauna … From 293 euros / night.

8. Hotel Palazzo Sasso *****.

Palazzo Sasso_1Palazzo Sasso_2Via San Giovanni del Toro, 28. 840210-Ravello. Amalfi Coast. Ialia.Tel. (+39) 089 81 81 81. /www.palazzosasso.com /.
Situated in a beautiful palace of the XII century on a hill inRavello , south of Naples, in the wonderful Amalfi Coast , this five – star luxury is a small paradise with stunning views since its opening in 1997. the rooms are decorated with ceramic di Vietri handmade, antique tapestries and furniture from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. They also have satellite TV, minibar, internet access, Ipod, Bvlgari amenities … The suites (Infinity, Belvedere, Orizont, De Luxe) between 40 and 100 m and have terraces with beautiful sea views. Its restaurant Rossellinis , a Michelin star, offers an exquisite menu, like the Belvedere terrace. The hotel also has a spa with hot tub, steam room, fitness area, indoor pool, jacuzzi and solarium with an extensive list of treatments. Enjoy a beautiful and peaceful walk through Villa Cimbrone. From 224 euros / night.

**** 9. Domaine des Hauts de Loire.

Hautes of Loire_1Hautes of Loire_2Route de Herbault – 41150 Onzain. Tel. + 33 (0) 2 542072 57. www.domainehautsloire.com /.
Housed in a former hunting lodge idyllic 178 hectares built in 1860, this four – star associated with the prestigious Relais et Chateaux hotel network is a real pleasure for the senses.A domain between Blois and Amboise, only 2 hours from Paris , located in the heart of the beautiful tourist region ofLoiret-Cher and the wine route. It has 25 beautifully decorated rooms (some of Empire style) with external walls covered by ivy and 11 apartments in the countryside. All rooms are perfectly and comfortably equipped with bathroom, telephone, TV, safe, minibar, internet access … Enjoy the exquisite cuisine of Rémi Giraud in dosestrellas Michelin restaurant hotel kitchen offers FANCESA `Clasico moderna’ the same chef as the define.Y between facilities that you can enjoy this natural environment are tennis courts, swimming pool, private lake for fishing, sailing, water skiing, canoeing / kayaking, a park of 70 hectares, bicileta routes, excursions to the Loire Castles with its rich architecture and history, hot air ballooning … from 225 euros / night.

***** 10. Four Seasons Hotel Mexico, DF

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico DF_1Four Seasons Hotel Mexico DF_2Paseo de la Reforma, 500. Colonia Juarez. Mexico, DFTel.52 (55) 5230-1818. Www.1.fourseasons.com/es/mexico /.
Luxurious hotel in Mexico City in colonial style, with a romantic fountain in the courtyard and provides a relaxing oasis that complements a spa, pool and gym. Located in the Paseo de la Reforma, near Chapultepec Park and the popular neighborhood of Polanco, it is close to the major financial, commercial and residential areas of the capital. It has 240 rooms, including 40 suites, around a magnificent courtyard and beautiful gardens. All rooms are furnished with great elegance and overlook the central courtyard or the surrounding avenues. Standard features in the rooms include LCD flat screen televisions and wireless Internet access high – speed, designed marble bathrooms with a tub and separate shower, plus a bathroom in a separate room.His excelene Spa, relaxing and rejuvenating offers skillful care professional massage therapists to eliminate tension and discomfort. Treatments for skin and body revitalized and refreshed every part of your body, from head to toe. Facilities include three rooms for frequent treatments. It also has a fitness area, a pool, hot tub, locker rooms and sauna, as well as the ability to access the Club de Golf Bellavista. Its restaurant, Reforma 500 , serves excellent dishes inspired by Italian cuisine. From 335 euros / night.


Most luxury hotels in the world invest heavily in designing fabulous interiors and spectacular facades. However some soul to get to know their guests another way: by providing courtesy cars that delight lovers of engine.

It is not only provide their customers very expensive luxury cars but complete your stay with the driving experience iconic vehicles. This goes from driving a Rolls Royce Phantom by Dubai avenues to walk in front of the Colosseum in Rome with a Fiat 500 classic or getting the oil change Florence SC service. This is what we offer some of these hotels:


At the reception we offer it with her ​​nickname: Louis XV, a car available to pick up guests from the hotel from the airport and can drive for free without leaving the city limits.


This is the only hotel in Paris that counts in your garage with custom car fleet. The Peninusla offers guests provided only with a driver, a variety of models of Rolls-Royce, BMW and Mini Cooper S,all decorated with the characteristic green livery logo Hotel. These cars are available for airport transfers and free tours through the City of Light and its surroundings.


The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is certainly one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, also known for being the only hotel in East that has its own fleet as Rolls-Royce Phantom. The idea is that customers enjoy the feeling luxury living off the plane since. The driver waiting at the terminal, entertains you with flowers and champagne and takes you to the hotel with honors Emperor.


For those who believe that luxury is not in money but in style, Jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto in Rome offers its customers a Fiat 500 vintage with which to discover the secrets of the Eternal City with a guide or by your account, in group or individual tours. Given the infernal traffic in the Italian capital, the first option is definitely the most advisable.


No hotel in the world can match this offer: the possibility of driving the 1965 Mercedes Sedan specifically designed and built for King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia. Wonderful with aged leather and wooden windows that retains all its old glory. Yes, the engine has been actualizadopara the car continue to give good service. Kingly.

5 things to know about teleworking in Mexico

With technology, it is now possible for many people to travel and live abroad while working from home. In the web community, the generic term often used is digital nomad .

Imagine being able to work on the edge of the sea, in the country of your choice, your laptop nearby, while sipping your margarita … it gets worse as conditions of work, is not it?

Well, the reality is not exactly that! First, it is almost impossible to read a screen by being outside, and we recommend the beach to prevent infiltration of sand in your MacBook. As well as web freelancers do also concerned about their fitness and that is the top of the list for many of us.If you’re struggling to get started, why not combine business with pleasure by opting for holidays that combine sport and relaxation? Many hotels now offer facilities of all kinds: spas, swimming pools, gyms … And when has an idyllic and last cry infrastructure, all exercise suddenly becomes easier. To help you keep your resolutions, this website will help you get started  www.nlpcoaching.com.au.

Nevertheless it is possible to go abroad while working and without facing the journey to the office, in a storm of snow!

internet digital nomad worker

It’s still easier to work in the shade!

Why work remotely in Mexico?

Mainly for:

  • enjoy the tropical weather
  • benefit from the lower cost of living
  • immerse themselves in another culture

Indeed, Mexico, and especially Playa del Carmen, attracts a large community of mobile workers (who are not necessarily “nomads” in the strict sense of the word). However there is no official census, there was a substantial increase in the number of young workers, often between 20 and 40 years, who bring laptop and iPhone to make a living under the sun. It is easy to walk to Playa del Carmen, the city is safe and English is spoken in many shops.

What are the jobs that one can do as a digital nomad ?

There are many: webmaster, technical, translator, editor, journalist, designer, teacher, coach, virtual administrative assistant (virtual assistant) and so on. I even had knowledge of professional poker players! Some travelers will also negotiate an agreement with their employer to perform their tasks outside the office on a permanent basis.

Before you embark on this project for the first time, here are five things to know if you want to work remotely in Mexico:

1. There is the internet in Mexico, but …

Although Mexico is connected, it remains that the infrastructure is not the same level of what is known in Canada or Europe .There are a few cafes where you can enjoy the wi-fi, but the speed of the connection to the network can sometimes be disappointing. When it comes time to choose housing, make sure that a provider can offer the Internet. The best provider seems Cablemás, but for the moment their service is only available in some areas.

2. Bring your Computer Accessories

Cables, USB key, headphones, microphones, external hard drives, etc. If possible, bring them. You will find all this material in Mexican stores, but prices are sometimes very high, like most electronic equipment sold in Mexico.

3. It is better to get up early

If you want to work from a coffee shop or other public place, go there in the morning. There are less crowded and you will have room to sit well. Playa del Carmen is very popular among nomads digital , you will not be alone. As it is very hot in the afternoon, you can take the opportunity to swim or relax in a beach club.

4. Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya are safe places

It is likely that you will travel with tools that few Mexicans can afford: portable computers, tablets, etc. That said, you’re not so much to cause you to fly. Many parts of Mexico are safe . Be vigilant, keep an eye on your things and make the necessary you need if you work in a public place. At home, pull your curtains (so we can not see your valuables). Of course, do not leave personal belongings in a vehicle.

You will come across Mexicans who do the same thing as you, that is to say, who have left their region of origin to be closer to the sea and working remotely. No one will be surprised to see you.

5. You do not need a visa to work in your trade

If your activities have no connection with an organization of Mexican territory (for example, you are a translator and webmaster or have your own clients or your employer is based in another country and you allow telecommuting), a visa n ‘ is normally not required because you do not enter the Mexican labor market.

I say “normally” because in fact, the status of digital or digital nomads workers  living in other countries is still fuzzy at the immigration for the majority of countries, including Mexico. The immigration laws do not reflect this status which is fairly new.With the growing increase of this type of workers, legislation will be adjusted (or not!). For now, the best advice for you are these:

  • Have sufficient funds to finance your stay (one might suspect that you are looking to fill jobs reserved for Mexicans)
  • Be prepared to provide supporting documents (bank statements, pay stubs, etc.)
  • Do not exceed the stay limit. Ask for an extension or leave the country to return.

With regard to tax legislation, if you intend to live long-term in Mexico, it will report your income, even if they are perceived in another country. Eventually, he will think about obtaining a residence visa.

The ‘brain’ of Privilege conquest with your hotel partiers Ibiza

'Beautiful people' of Ibiza, relaxing in the hotel Tropicana Suites

‘Beautiful people’ of Ibiza, relaxing in the hotel Tropicana Suites

The former ‘brain’ of Privilege fator genius sleeps customers rather than make them dance for hours. Concept Hotel Group, signing the former manager of the iconic nightclub, increase revenue and already has the highest rated hotel in the party area.

The old brain Privilege sleep rather see before them dance for hours to its customers. Concept Hotel Group, the firm Tallyn Planells, former manager of Privilege, increase revenue and boasts the best reviews of the hotel fiestera area of the island pitiusa: Playa d’en Bossa.

The chain opened the Tropicana Suites in May. Accommodation reported an occupancy rate of 90%. “Opinions of the guests in the specialized pages exalt him as the first hotel in Playa d’en Bossa and the third on the island,” a spokesman for the group to 02B .

Full steam 

In addition to the success of the new property, Concept watchword good results boutique with carefully designed hotel in the sea: the Santos Ibiza Coast Suites. “Revenues have increased year by year, and we are in benefits.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The accounts deposited a few days ago in the Commercial Register endorse the analysis: the company closed the year 2014 with net excess of 296,000 euros . However, the young group will not rest on our laurels, “re – invest the net proceeds in renovations that can not reveal” he says.


The young chain has a short list of entrepreneurs to the front. In addition tothe also former creative director of Privilege, Concept is owned by the builder Jorge Lopez and Diego Calvo, former commercial director of Playa Sol Hotel Group. The three hope to consolidate the group in Ibiza , where they contribute to the regeneration of Playa d’en Bossa, which is mutating discotequero resort to target high level

Hotel accounting terms

Hotels follow the general accounting principles, but because of the unique nature of accounting guests, accounting departments of hotels use terms that may be unfamiliar with counters in other industries. The terms related to the management of customer payments accounting charges and conflicts can be confusing to outsiders, but they represent everyday concepts in the hotel industry. If you are a director or CEO of a hotel, you can hire a book keeping service such as bookkeeper brisbane to help you manage your business.

The record of all receipts and payments associated with a customer or a group called the account and an account can be organized in sections or pages. Among the common folio divisions include one for room charges, other charges for food , drinks and other expenses. Multiple pages are used often with guest accounts of a convention, as the room rate can be paid by the group, while individuals are responsible for additional charges, or incidental charges. Separation of folios allows printing options, which is useful for blind rates, when the price of the room the group must remain unknown to the host. At checkout, a customer of the convention may have to pay fees and receive a printed receipt only for pages containing the charges for which he was paid. The balance sheet of the room charges is hidden for guests and transferred to the group account for subsequent billing.

Room charge
Customers who have a credit card registered in an account are eligible to sign for charges to the rooms. At the point of sale, customers sign a receipt authorizing the charge is paid by the method of payment of the account. The cargo is then attached to the appropriate folder for the type of load. The alternative to a room price is another method of payment for services, such as cash or credit. Guests without credit cards are considered to be on the record as “only cash” and do not have privileges for the room charge.
Any charges sent to a guest account are published, either manually or via the hotel’s computer system. Published charges are known as computer interface and these ads are common in the hotel shops that use a cash register and POS system, such as a restaurant or a gift shop. When the room charge is designated as type of payment, the cashier enters the room number where he is staying and point of sale system interfaces with the system of property management to post office. Manuals charges are sent by a hotel employee, usually receiving or accounting. These charges could come from media without a system of point of sale, but most publications are common interface that failed because of a system shutdown or incorrect information in the room.

late fee
A late charge occurs when a customer signs a charge to a room after leaving the hotel. Common late charges include breakfast or minibar charges and manual postings due to disruption of the system. Since the guest had a credit card on file, reception is able to use the same card used to pay the fee. If the card is rejected, an invoice will be mailed to the registered address of the host.

advance deposit
Advance deposits are prepayments rooms or other hotel services. These deposits are commonly used to secure bookings for weddings or conventions held at the hotel. In most food service or group events, the advance payment is required 72 hours before the event occurs. The deposit to the account of the group and the expenses are recorded to the account as they occur.

An assignment is an investment of a publication. Assignments can occur due to sending a duplication, or a bad debt disputes. Despite a payment canceled through the POS system you can create a publication of negative interface, it is a correction rather than a compensation for that revenues are not reduced. Assignments are always published manuals and department heads generally review and investigate large subsidies that seriously affect earnings before authorizing its publication.

The keys to the “best” 10 hotels in Instagram

A few days ago I saw a list of “best” hotels in Instagram by the number of followers that was published in Tecnohoteles  and I make  Social Hotels , I found it very interesting to approach the prospect with these great tourist giants and see approach each offer.

Here I will make a list of contents insurance can take, although we will, as I say that imagination can work even better than them as much advantage of their media coverage, and why not do it well, but I would go running to hire the Pope Francisco with almost 4,000,000 followers, takes the hotel afloat … Fixed !!:)

The key to the question “How to get a lot of followers on Instagram?” are:

  1. Spectacular picture of paradisiacal places where hotels using different platforms are: Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr.
  2. Promoting destinations with own content and references to all content published around them.
  3. Questions directly to customers on the experience in the hotel and destination.
  4. Mentions Welcome to customers.
  5. Contests and Sweepstakes with photographs on a hashtag on site to generate good content and so you talk about the hotel.
  6. Mentions Multi-languages.   Total adaptation to the language of the customer.
  7. Interactions between accounts and specific accounts chain hotel.
  8. Publication of contents of publications in journals off and online.
  9. Promotion that handsome and ready we are. All events and actions you take on your hotels.
  10. Publication of promotional campaigns.  Both own and with external companies with some kind of relationship.
  11. And they publish involve staff.  The visible face of the company are the people and use the involvement of these, appearing in social networks through photographs and videos.
  12. Broadcasting events.  They use the most important and significant events as a platform to promote the hotel.
  13. Exclusive services.  They promote the most exclusive part differential and the products and services they offer.
  14. Loyalty promotion.
  15. Curiosities of destinies.
  16. Official days of holidays, seasons, celebrations … with a positive character.
  17. Work 24 hours 365 days.   Apparently there is a continuous management of the accounts.
  18. Engage in the stomach.  Restaurants Contents.
  19. Dissemination of content on Antimarketing strategies . Generating relevant content for your target audience, not necessarily in relation to the trip.
  20. Contents related sponsorships in relation to the brand.
  21. Jobs .
  22. Complaint handling and forwarding department quality.

What especially could highlight is the goal that all succeed, personalized attention from customers and channel direct and immediate communication . Highlight the need for creativity and how we get off to a style close communication with the client.

Let us be the tie and jacket hanging on the chair and go down to talk on equal terms with “ordinary mortals”.

Fire damaged a hotel in Dubai

Persisten focos de incendio en el hotel de Dubai

The Address Downtown hotel, located in Dubai and one of the tallest towers in the city, caught fire last night and the fire still exists for these hours. Because of the fire, they had to be evacuated nearby buildings.

14 people were injured due to the fire at the hotel in Dubai and ended up dead after a heart attack. Meanwhile, at this time there are still pockets of fire in the tower but the lower floors.

“Although the whole building was in flames, the structure itself will not collapse,” said architect Michael Gracilla and then stressed that “it is only the facade of the hotel which is damaged by fire and we will have orange county water damage restoration repair as soon as possible.”

The streets leading to the center of Dubai , where they will find the hotel, had to be cut for firefighters to fight the fire, leaving the local population disabled to travel throughout the city.

5 Hotels and spas for pregnant women

If you are expecting a baby and you want a relaxing break or an afternoon dedicated to take care of, think about these proposals.You will come great.

Chaldean, Escaldes-Engordany (Andorra)

This pioneer in termoludismo, a concept that seeks to recover balance and vitality thanks to the properties of the hot springs, has Gravitas, a relaxing massage of 45 minutes in the legs and back are worked in order to relax and well-being.
the treatment is done with salt Indian ocean with pure essential oils of sandalwood and mint and oil Just Bio by Caldea, made with organic farming products such as sesame or arnica.

Grand Hotel Son Net (Puigpunyent, Mallorca)

Five star hotel, located on the hill of Puigpunyent, surrounded Mediterranean nature. Massages and treatments are  customized for pregnant women, according to their weight, time  of gestation and where the inconvenience to concentrate.

Hotel Mercure Thalasia Costa de Murcia

Has over 4,500 m2 between saltwater pools, marine circuit and facilities for marine treatments. Perfect Getaway Thalasia offers relaxation and gastronomy: two nights stay, Friday and Saturday in a double room including buffet breakfast and dinner, and access to the thermal pools throughout the stay.

Hotel Sha Wellness Clinic (L ‘Alfas del Pi, Alicante)

This hotel blends spirituality , medicine and nutrition , and offers treatmentsspecialized depending on the stay and the period of pregnancy in which the mother is. An expert nutritionist will advise you according to your features on abalanced diet , following the philosophy of Yin and Yang

New York Manhattan OB/GYN

New York Manhattan OB/GYN has three convenient locations. We’re the trusted, caring Ob NYC and obstetricians of choice for women of all ages. We are committed to providing excellent gynecological care and women’s healthcare, while using state of the art equipment, within a comprehensive and patient-friendly environment.

Hotels famous by the movie

If you’re a fan of the movie4k  film and are curious to know some of the most famous hotels thanks to cinema, here we show a few. Although many of those we see on the big screen are recreations that are in major film studios, many others are real and one is charged on them if you want and can, of course. Some are well known to his leading role as the Bellagio Hotel-Casino and its sources in the Ocean’s saga, or the Caesar Palace by Raiman and Hangover, in the American state that the name of this latest Kinofilme: Las Vegas. Another well-known is the Beverly Wilshire in Los Angeles, the scene of love between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

But there are other hotels that may not have such a leading role as these earlier but for some are the scene of great films. Here are some of them: –  The Savoy , London. Hotel makes appearance in the film Notting Hill, another romantic comedy Julia Roberts, this time with Hugh Grant and The French Lieutenant’s Woman with a star cast, Meryl Streep, awarded with several awards including the Golden Globe and Jeremy Irons.

Westin Grand Berlin , Berlin, was the scene of the film: The Bourne Supremacy. See the movie here.

Hotel Regina Paris , it was in: The Bourne Identity. Both lived Matt Damon struggle to discover their identity in this engrossing film that makes you vibrate on the couch.

Fairmont Royal York , Toronto, you have seen in titles like: Cinderella Man, with the incredible performance of Russell Crowe inspired by the life of boxer James J. Braddock, who has 12 international awards and 25 nominations, including 3 Oscar . Serendipity, romantic or comedy Murder in the White House.

Hotel Paris , Monaco. He has lived firsthand the skills of another superhero, Iron Man 2. Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson and Mickey Rourke, among others.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel , Los Angeles, is already a veteran of film featuring titles like Mission Impossible, The Bodyguard, Rocky 3 Ghostbusters or Independence Day. This hotel features a replica of the Golden Staircase Diego Siloam whose original is in the Cathedral of Burgos.

Fontainebleau , Miami, also saw the romance between Kevin Costner and Whitney Huston in the bodyguard of Al Pacino as a criminal and murderer hired in Scarface or James Bond, played by Sean Connery in Goldfinger.

Hotel Giraffe , New York, is transformed into the apartment of Mr. Big in the film Sex and the City, which arises because of the popularity of the series Sarah Jessica Parker, with the same name.

Park Hyatt, Tokyo, was much discussed at the time when Sofia Coppola decided to shoot there Lost in Translation.Highly acclaimed, with many awards, including an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.
Anecdotally say that Sofia thought of Kirsten Dunst for the role, but was filming Spiderman and could not be …

Hotel Marriott Budapest . Steven Spielberg makes this hotel Hungarian Munich London to film, movies 123 that won five Academy Award nominations.

The Lanesborough, St Regis Hotel , London, was the place chosen by Stanley Kubrick in his latest posthumous work, as everyone knows, did not finish riding since he died a few days before the final assembly, Eyes Wide Shut and which starred Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who was then married in real life.

Hotel 71 , Chicago. Batman scenario. The attic becomes the superhero’s apartment while filming the latest installment: The Dark Knight Rises to be released in our country on the 20th of this month.

The Standard , Hollywood. Place that witnessed the graduate. He gave film director Mike Nichols in Oscar and received the Bafta and Golden Globe for best picture along with other 6 nominations. The main actro, Dustin Hoffman.

InterContinental Paris Le Grand , Paris. Hosted the Roman Polanski film, Frantic with Harrison Ford starring.

–  Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce , Bruges. Maravillos Hotel you will see in the film In Bruges.


Although we have more, we’ll leave for another post in which we will include places where people have made ​​films and series as the home of Sex and the City or a restaurant that has been the scene of mythical and unforgettable scenes … But the culmination, and close this article, we have left the Taj Lake Palace Hotel , Udaipur, India, which is listed as one of the most romáticos hotels in the world and showing her charms in Octopussy, in this case the Bond Roger Moore starred as agent. Probably you will not find anything like it. Built on natural rock is located on an island in the middle of Lake Pichola. Simply majestic and dazzling.


Copenhagen Towers is a four-star international hotel opened in 2009 and has been named the greenest hotel in the world by the United Nations. The building is estimated to save 1,373 tons of CO2 annually. Meets the Green Building standard, as the EU requires. It is also the first hotel in Denmark have joined the UN’s Global Compact and was awarded “gyldne som det” (spot gold) for the most innovative building respectful with the environment.


At first glance there is nothing green about recently built in central Copenhagen hotel. However, the blank facades have integrated panels and TripleLynx inverters that make Crowne Plaza hotel the first energy efficient in Denmark and one of the first of its kind in the world. High quality in the social and environmental aspects are the key elements in creating the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It combines the largest integrated solar photovoltaic facade (PV) technology installed in Denmark and frontline energy-efficient, reducing energy consumption by 53% compared to conventional hotels.


A large energy saving heating in winter and cooling in summer

The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers was built in 2009. It is located in the city center, where more than 300 rooms await your arrival and spread over 26 floors. Crowne Plaza hotel is built in accordance with the Danish Low Energy Class 2 standard, which means that the energy consumption must not exceed 42.6 kWh per m2 per year. This amounts to a saving of 53% compared with conventional buildings in Denmark.

“In terms of energy production and consumption of the cooling and heating system it is very unique to the hotel. The water used for heating in winter is recycled for cooling during the summer … “says the representative of Copenhagen Hotel Management A / S, Stefan Amraly.


The idea of ​​the hotel was not only generate much of the energy used, but also save as much energy as possible.Apart from this ingenious concept, the hotel is known as the first in Denmark to receive all of its energy from renewable and sustainable sources. Solar panels and a system based on groundwater for heating and cooling system allows the Crowne Plaza conserve precious resources. A key energy saving initiatives is the installation of a groundwater based system. It is based on the idea of ​​recycling energy and provides heating and cooling to 366 rooms, the section of the conference room, kitchen, restaurant and office building assistant. This system is the first of its kind in Denmark, and saves up to 90% of the energy used for climate regulation inside the hotel.


Multiple overlapping energy saving initiatives

A large number of energy saving measures and environmental and socially friendly measures are applied in the interior, in addition to construction. For example, intelligent control of lighting and light sources of low consumption, LED flat screens in every hotel room and computer control of all electronic equipment. This ensures that consumption is kept as low as possible, especially when the rooms are vacant. Moreover, all the infrastructure components were chosen hotel for reasons of energy efficiency and the degree of reuse.Moreover, a series of bombs in the building of the water circulating inside the hotel heating and cooling system.Speed ​​controlled by frequency converters and contributes to greater energy savings in the pumping system varies.

Allan L. Agerholm, manager of Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, said: “We only use energy-efficient sources of light, the latest green technologies in kitchen equipment, hi-fi, and even the hair dryer in the bathroom is energy efficient” .

The hotel is more than what you expect from a regular hotel. Not because of the quality in general, but due to high environmental and social consciousness that implies for the whole hotel from the staff, on the interior design requirements of organic decomposition in the toilets, energy production in the gym, etc. . The rooms overlook the skyline of Copenhagen and the Øresund Region. And guests can spend the mini-bar and mounted on a stationary bike, generating electricity, and earn points for a free meal at the restaurant.


“The bikes invite guests to exercise in new ways that benefit their personal health and welfare and the environment in general. Guests literally provide the energy at the hotel. On the one hand, the bicycle could be a sustainable symbolic act. However, on the other hand, it also appears as the socio-eco-conciencial current also apply in the services sector situation, “he says on this subject the general manager of Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, Allan L. Agerholm.

The idea of ​​free food began as an alternative method to improve the health of guests and reduce their carbon footprint that benefits the local and global environment in general. Bicycles are connected to several generators that require customers to pedal for about 15 minutes to produce 10 watt-hours of electricity. iPhones connected to bicycles show the amount of power generated. Someone in relatively good shape can produce up to 100 watts per hour in 60 minutes. Therefore, if you’re into healthy living, sustainability and planning a trip to Copenhagen -that might want to socio-ecological-stay hotel is definitely the place to stay. The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen covers a green innovative concept that benefits the hotel, employees and guests.

The erotic spirit of the trilogy ’50 Shades of Grey ‘invade luxury hotels

Romantic Valentine date is approaching and several hotel chains and offer bathrooms champagne, helicopter tours and a kit for practice bondage describing the book best seller. How much to experience the famous erotic novel

Missing a few days to celebrate ‘ Valentine ‘, which is commemorated on 14 February-and for that reason, other chains hotels decided to honor the lovers with special packages inspired by the erotic bestseller 50 Shades of Grey(watch live action version of this novel with the best quality on putlocker movies  .

In parallel with the release of the film, there are a number of hotels looking to have all the attention.Experiences like that of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele can be recreated on the actual locations where the film by British author EL James was shot. For that, packages ‘Fifty shades freed pdf‘ were created to test the libido.

Some of the proposals include: sex toys, champagne baths $ 3,000 and helicopter tours. You can also rent a car for a day Christian Grey, apply for tickets to the Museum of Sex Kamasutra and books. Not bad for the fans of the book that sold 100 million copies worldwide.

Here are some of the best places to see and visit.

Edgewater Hotel, Seattle, Washington

To take advantage of Valentine’s packages “No Grey Area” quite high prices are offered. $ 14,000costs for lovers package includes one day of use of an Audi R8 Spyder – Christiana vehicle Grey – A helicopter tour Seattle, a book Kamasutra in the bedroom, a bottle of champagne favorite Anastasia, Bollinger Rose, and aphrodisiac snacks.

The proposal seeks lovers get in the skin of the characters, exploring the city. The offer will run until 28 February.


Eventi, and Hell’s Kitchen Ink48 Kimpton Hotels, New York

If you are in the Big Apple, it is a proposal not to miss. For $ 659 you can live the experience ’50 Shades of Grey ‘which begins with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut on arrival with a valid ticket for $ 200 to buy erotic lingerie. two tickets to the Museum of Sex and ‘kit’ that includes toys will also be awarded.

The room service also offers aphrodisiac foods such as oysters, bananas, avocados and chocolate covered strawberries. Finally, the couple can relax with a massage of 50 minutes. The offer is valid from February 5 to March 1.


Nira Caledonia, Edinburgh, Scotland

Not just the United States that took advantage of the book EL James. This hotel, assigned a butler who will be available to fill the bathtub with champagne, if desired, for an amount of $ 3,000.

fluffy handcuffs, feathers, sensual bath oil and a paddle to spank: $ 1,951 for a glass of champagne, two-night stay, full Scottish breakfast, a massage and a small box of toys that includes you will receive.

Situated in Gloucester Place, among the cobbled streets of the New Town, the property exudes romance. There is a restaurant with soft lighting and the interior is decorated in black and gold with bold accents of red and green. Nira Caledonia has 28 rooms, luxurious suites with private gardens and terraces.


Personality Hotels, San Francisco

They offer a package ’50 shades of woman ‘for $ 150. There, they delivered to the room a discreet black box full of luxury sex toys. “It contains everything needed to live favorite scenes and wildest fantasies”, say from the hotel.

An assortment with a whip or punish elements to stroke and even candy.


Heathman Hotel, Portland, Oregon

Fans know that Portland Heathman Hotel was where Christian and Ana had their first date and a burst of wild meetings.

Not to be outdone then propose a series of packages that promise all levels of luxury entertainment and restaurants.

Package ‘inner goddess’ includes a bottle of Pouilly Fume, which share the main characters of the first novel and a gray tie memory.

For $ 2750 is the “Charlie Tango No Limits”. You can enjoy snacks and wine in the hotel for six, a helicopter tour around the city, roses for the ladies, dinner at the hotel and limousine transfers to the heliport. For deep pockets, you can opt for the offer of $ 7,500 for a package for two. This great show six nights of love ‘hot’ covers private romantic dinners in luxury destinations, $ 500 for shopping in Portland, a fire on the beach, a snow tractor ride and a luxury car for transportation.The resident bartender Brian Hilby, has devised a cocktail ‘Fifty Shades of Gin’ for the guests.


Escala, Seattle

Although you can not book a room here for the night, it is worth taking a look at the departments of Mr. Grey and his ‘Red Room’.

In the real world the penthouse suite sold for 6 million dólates in 2012. It has become a mecca for fans of the novel. Women send bags of letters to Christian Grey. Some are jokes, some are not.


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